Adopt A Tree

The Oak Ridge Cemetery Foundation in cooperation with Oak Ridge Cemetery has initiated a new “Adopt a Tree” program. Its purpose is to promote greater interest and understanding of trees and the natural environment of the Cemetery and to preserve that environment for the future using sound management practices.

Much has been done to evaluate and document specimen trees within the Cemetery. Each year’s Tree Tour highlights new specimens that have been affixed with permanent markers. Each marker gives the tree’s name and a QR code linking it to extensive information about that specimen.

The 100+ trees now documented are available for adoption. In future years, as more trees are researched and documented, those trees can be added to the list for adoption.

Individuals, families, organizations, and businesses may adopt one or more trees from the list. That list and detailed information about each tree can be found in a catalog at the Oak Ridge Cemetery office or on-line at

Adopting a tree is easy; the fee is $75

Once you select the tree or trees you want to adopt, just send or deliver the application form and $75 fee for each tree. In return, you will receive a certificate of adoption. Your name will be added to the QR documentation as the adoptee. If you adopt a tree as a memorial, tribute or a gift that information will be included.

Adoption fees go toward maintenance and care of trees in the cemetery. By adopting a tree you are helping to care for trees throughout the 365-acre Cemetery.

*Please drop off cash or checks payable to Oak Ridge Cemetery, Tree Fund at the Oak Ridge Cemetery Office located at 1441 Monument Ave., Springfield, IL.